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  1. Sep 14,  · In the Backseat Lyrics: I like the peace / In the backseat / I don't have to drive / I don't have to speak / I can watch the countryside / And I can fall asleep / My family tree's / Losing all its.
  2. Definition of back seat. 1: a seat in the back (as of an automobile) 2: a secondary or inferior position won't take a back seat to anyone.
  3. 1. backseat - a secondary or inferior position or status; "tennis has had to take a backseat while his work is so demanding". inferiority, lower rank, lower status - the state of being inferior. 2. backseat - a seat at the back of a vehicle (especially the seat at the back of an automobile).
  4. Jun 05,  · Folklorists have traced this legend back to the s and believe it may have been inspired by a vaguely similar real event in involving the discovery by a New York City policeman of an escaped murderer hiding in the backseat of his (the cop's) own car.
  5. the backseat Put him in the backseat Run like a athlete Run like a athlete Catch him, put him in the backseat Catch him, put him in the backseat Run like. AAA Powerline. ECCO2K. Crushing rocks with Oyster card So nauseous can't sleep it off Backseat of some car Ziptied up, can't move my arms Crushing rocks with Oyster.
  6. take a back seat Occupy an inferior position; allow another to be in control. For example, Linda was content to take a back seat and let Nancy run the meeting. This idiom uses back seat in contrast to the driver's seat, that is, the one in control.
  7. Jul 25,  · Backseat Driver How you do it: “Flip the front passenger seat forward and push it as close as possible toward the dash,” says Lisa Sweet, author of Sex Thrills. “He can then recline on the.
  8. No you was in the backseat sweating like a athlete doing everything that you said you wouldn't But I ain't gone trip on a weak ass nigga I'm a just find me a nigga much bigger I'm a just do the same shit that you do when I'm not up in the room Yeah baby let's think I'm .
  9. Backseat Lyrics: Slatt, slatt / Gats on gats, oh, straps all in the backseat / (In the back, all up in the back seat) / (Broad day with the SK) / Gats on gats, got straps all up in the back seat.

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